S.H. Armstrong

Three men are sitting beside each other at a table one is wearing a red shirt, the man in the middle is wearing a green shirt and a hat and the other man is wearing a hat, a yellow beard, and a green vest.

Located in the heart of Leslieville is this “bunch of musical comedians”!

We’re brilliant at math, puzzles, and games. Our dance parties are the hottest tickets in town!

We’re coffee and tea connoisseurs. We start our days with a hot drink, while flipping through newspapers to learn the news, or complete a crossword or two!

We love to discover our city with a day trip to the CNE, or to take in the coffee shops of Queen Street East. Whatever we do, we’re one tight crew.

A man wearing a grey vest and plaid shirt holding a book and a brown bag.
A man wearing a grey shirt red coat is sitting at a table with a white box in front of him.
A man in a wheelchair wearing a grey striped sweater is on a deck with a homemade board game in front of him.

Your Support

With your support, we can have more adventures together and make our program feel like a home away from home.

We don’t often get to go on outings all together. your support would mean we could achieve our program goals of attending a baseball game or a master chef cooking class, any excuse to get on the TTC.

As coffee and tea experts, we’d love to make our own brews. With your support, we can buy a fancy coffee machine like a Keurig, to elevate our mornings and try new flavours.

It would be wonderful if we could give our social space some TLC. Your donations will be used to buy a new lounger, and other items to create a relaxing space for us to unwind from our escapades. We also love to sing – karaoke, anyone?

Two men in wheelchairs are beside each other one is wearing a green shirt and black pants the other is wearing a blue shirt and grey pants they are at a park.