Matty Eckler

A group of people huddled around on a boardwalk there is sand and water in the background.

Sandwiched between Little India and Leslieville is this band of intrepid explorers.

During the summer, we an be found adventuring along the lakeshore or taking in the nature of Allan Gardens. Whatever the weather, we make the most of being together.

When we’re not volunteering at the local Winners or our very own Pegasus Shoppe, you can hear us from Gerrard Street as we take part in our weekly drumming circle or call our “BINGO”!

Our recreation centre has a swimming pool and a gym. we love to play sports, get fit, and sometimes, we just like to float.

A man is sitting in front of a rainbow mural on a brick wall.
A man wearing a red sweater and hat standing by the water the CN tower can be seen in the distance.
A woman in a green shirt is standing with her hand on railing overlooking a stream.
A man in a beige sweater sitting by a planter with plants.

Your Support

With your support, we can resume some of the activities we enjoyed before the pandemic.

One of our program goals is to try new sports. With your support, we can buy equipment like soccer balls and tennis rackets to learn new skills and show off our sporting prowess!

Our passion for learning new things also extends to the arts, and expanding our math and English skills. Your support will help us to broaden our knowledge and confidence, which we can bring to our volunteer jobs and everyday life.

A man wearing a navy sweater is holding up a black container.