A woman in a wheelchair wearing a pink shirt s holding a bouquet of flowers.

Tucked away, between a ravine and The Beaches, is a raucous group of creatives who love to sew, bake, and hit up a patio or two!

No holiday goes uncelebrated, but be warned, we don’t hold back when it comes to costumes!

Whether we’re crocheting blankets for premature babies, or adapting clothes to use for our Pegasus Fashion Shows, we love to use our imaginations. 

We’re not just an artsy bunch. We enjoy going to restaurants and watching theatre too. Did we mention we’re fancy?

A man wearing a grey shirt and jeans shorts is sitting on a patio.
Two women standing beside each other one is wearing a blue dress and hat and the other is wearing a black dress, a witch’s hat and is holding a broom. 
Two women in wheelchairs have signs in front of them while another woman is standing behind them with a yellow sign. 
A woman wearing a black and pink dress with sunglasses and black boots is in front of a store window.

Your Support

With your support, there are so many things we could learn and achieve.

We’re excited to bring in professionals to teach us about STEM. With your support, we can buy a new television so we can host guests safely over Zoom, and so that everyone at the program can seem them. This isn’t an easy task with our current laptop setup.

We’d love to create a sensory room – a therapeutic space that can be soothing and stimulating. Your support can help us buy sensory items that will help if we need a moment of calm.

A woman is sitting at a table in a food court with a heart-shaped cookie in front of her.