Two men sitting beside each other one is wearing a Blue Jays shirt and has his arm around the man in a red Blue Jays jersey there is popcorn in front of them.

Newly situated in Oakridge is a crew of dynamic and funny entrepreneurs! 

We have our own jobs, run a business together, and always have time to get involved with community events!

We have some of the busiest participants; working in Starbucks, FreshCo, the Pegasus Shoppe, and somehow, we still find time to hit Variety Village to get our exercise in.

It’s not all work, work, work here at Phoenix. We love the chance to take a deep breath and practice our yoga moves or relax with the occasional program spa day. Oh, and if you’re looking for a good giggle, look no further than our joke corner!

A woman wearing a pink shirt is holding drums in the background is an image of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
A man wearing a helmet and vest is sitting on a stone wall with his feet on a blue skateboard.
A man wearing a yellow puffer coat is standing next to another man wearing a black coat and winter hat who is holding a drink.
A woman in a pink shirt sitting in front of a green table with two pies and a bowl of strawberries beside her.

Your Support

With your support, we can truly make an impact in our new community.

We’re huge foodies! Now that we have a new space, we’re excited to make impressive  meals for the group. Your support will enable us to buy equipment like a stand mixer or an ice cream machine so we can expand our culinary skills and share them with our new neighbours.

This will be our first time in a permanent place, and we can’t wait to make it our own. With your support, we can stock our cupboards with board games, comics, and art supplies. We can buy a projector to watch our favourite documentaries and sports games! With all of our things in one place, it will finally feel like home. 

Two men standing with their arm around each other one is wearing a blue shirt and the other is wearing a black shirt and hat.