Core Service (Community Participation Supports/CPS)

Pegasus offers day supports to adults who have a developmental disability. We are pleased to welcome persons who have mobility challenges, medical needs, autism, or emotional challenges.

What Pegasus Offers

  • Small family-like groups.
  • Generous and stable staffing structure–the ratio of staff to participant is generally 1:2.5. This level of staffing allows Pegasus to meet complex personal needs as well as to provide interesting, goal oriented programs.
  • Person centred supports—we work with each person to create a schedule of activities and supports that is as individualized as possible.
  • Relationships that form the basis of successful supports– we take the time to develop a trusting relationship with each person and to understand his/her ways of communicating.
  • Community based supports– participants contribute to and are a vital part of everyday community life.
  • Centrally located sites in community centres—the locations facilitate community inclusion and add to the uniqueness of our supports.
  • Each person shapes his or her own day. The participant, support networks, and staff will create a day that reflects the individual preferences, and a flexible choice among many social, educational, and physical activities. Our programs are never etched in stone—we are always looking to improve and enrich how we can support participants.

A Day at Pegasus

Fitness and wellness, goal oriented learning and skill development, life skills and self-care skills, and participation in community life- Access to specialized programming from qualified instructors, e.g. Art, Yoga, Drama

  • Social coaching and experiences which encourage personal and emotional growth
  • Opportunities to broaden one’s horizons, for example through exploration of new activities and areas of the City, arts appreciation, drama class
  • Opportunities to contribute to our Toronto community. For example, participants may help to maintain public gardens, deliver local newspapers, consult with the City on accessibility projects, or volunteer at events.
  • Access to technology as a communication, learning and recreational tool, e.g. tablets, computers.
  • Sensory activities