Aquarius and Phoenix

There a two service branches: Aquarius and Phoenix.

Aquarius and Phoenix programs are similar in that they both embrace our core services. However, there may be a difference in the type of support a participant needs or desires. The boundaries can be fluid and a range of participants are welcome in either grouping.


Phoenix offers an opportunity to explore volunteer and employment interests. This can lead to the opportunity for job experience at local businesses and volunteer organizations. Pegasus provides job coaching and mentoring. The ideal Phoenix participant has the personal interest as well as the family support to learn skills and attitudes that lead to greater independence in the community.

Phoenix programs are located at Community Centre 55 at 97 Main Street.


Aquarius participants are also offered many opportunities to continue to grow and to become more self-reliant.

Aquarius participants often need a significant level of personal or medical support and supervision.
Aquarius programs are as rich and as varied as the participants and there is a great emphasis on community involvement and access.

Aquarius programs are located at:

Beaches Recreation Centre – 6 Williamson Road
Matty Eckler Community Centre – 953 Gerrard Street East
S. H. Armstrong Community Centre – 56 Woodfield Road
Hours of Operation:

Phoenix and Aquarius programs both operate Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


All program staff are well trained and educated. Staff have also supplied a vulnerable sector police check. In addition to all mandatory training (CPR, First Aid, Safe Management) they receive intensive onsite training in individual needs, and respectful and sensitive supports.

Pegasus staff have always strived to provide the respectful treatment of people underlying the new Ontario legislation* and the Quality Assurance Measures (QAM). They actively embrace QAM and encourage participants to do the same on their own behalf.

*The new Ontario legislation is called Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008 (SIPPDA)

Family Support

Many adults with developmental disabilities continue to live at home with their families. Pegasus offers support to families as they learn about services and discover ways to use available resources creatively.

A Role in the Community

We believe that Pegasus participants enhance our east end Toronto communities, just as community members enrich the daily lives of participants and staff. We – the participants, Board members, employees, volunteers – engage in many activities to increase interaction among all parties and to give everyone the wonderful opportunity to get acquainted. The Pegasus Thrift Store, our legendary annual picnic and Bocce tournament, and the Holiday parade along Kingston Road in November are some of the many ways participants may engage with friends and neighbours. These community connections make our agency unique and keep daily life at Pegasus vibrant and exciting.


Pegasus participants pay a fee for their service. The rest of the costs are covered by partial funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services and a great amount of fundraising and private donations. Pegasus is a 100% not for profit agency. The fee is used entirely to cover the expenses of program delivery.


Pegasus CPS (partially funded) must be accessed through the DSO. Click HERE to find your local DSO office. Pegasus can also be accessed on a Passports/fee for service basis. Please call Intake at 416 691 6835 and/or mail or email the application. The application can be downloaded below.
Pegasus CPS Core Services Application